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A mixed Collection of Video Samples broadcasted through We also have a channel . Due to plagiarism, we sit on our prime assets. We have some older standard definition aerial videos on that have been "borrowed" to an almost stunning extent. That's alright. Happy to give back sometimes and have donated to many non-profit educational productions. For the rest of us, if you need the high quality original assets, please call. All of our music and sound is either licensed, custom created or we have been granted permissions.
Introducing San Francisco Bay Digital
SF Bay Digital produces high quality HD assets. is an online digital stock photography database of images from the San Francisco Bay Area including Aerial Photography, Marine Photography, Urban San Francisco, Iconic Landmarks, Napa Valley and Surrounding Wine Country Region, the Northern California Coastline, Point Reyes and the Farallon Islands.
Assignment Field Production
HD cinematography or Polished Broadcast Quality Pieces.
We are available for assignment. We can field produce just about anything. We are well versed in HD capture, production, on location sound and providing the right crew. is currently a sole proprietorship, however we have access to professional crew for all support positions. We associated with best of breed in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our specialty is aerial and marine production. Sandra Cannon has been working in the film industry since 1992 in many positions. Her earliest were as production designer to independent features. Currently she serves as producer. She is the camera operator/cinematographer of most of the footage on this site, however for certain instances and with certain cameras she employs camera operators better suited for the job. Sandra is well versed in state of the art media. In the dot com boom she served as an online consultant/executive producer assisting many companies bring their businesses online. She also served as an evangelist for VRML or 3D on the internet and worked with Sony, Silicon Graphics, Elsa, Protozoa, Nvidia, and many other new media pioneers bringing new media types and entertainment online. Since the bleeding edge of those halcyon* days, it is very exciting that there is so much media available online today. has worked in almost all media types currently broadcasted. We also have access to best of breed supporting production people for team efforts. Your project will be in good hands. (i.e.; on time, within budget, well produced.)

*Halcyon, a term that originates from the Greek myth of Alcyone, is used most often to mean golden or marked by peace and prosperity.
(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) provides aerial film services. Our clients have ranged from motion picture production companies, to real estate developer and event production companies. Developers of large projects or their marketing and/or architecture firms have employed us for footage of sites to superimpose CGI renditions of what a purposed project will look like. Production companies have requested establishing footage of the San Francisco Bay area. We have worked with event producers providing aerial coverage. With the maritime industry our work is usually for marketing collateral on their vessels embarking or disembarking the Bay. Click here for some aerial footage samples. provides marine film services. We have provided assistance on marine nature documentaries and have assisted in many aspects of marine productions. We have access to variety of image stabilizing systems and boats. Often we employ for assistance with boat rental and hospitality/craft services coordination. was formerly a partner/owner of They provide marine event coordination and boat charters. has provided digital content for large screens in hotel, restaurants and corporate environments. We can produce content to evoke a mood, create ambiance, and give a space atmosphere.

Our core market is the creative. We are here to support creatives in their projects. We are planning a launch of a stock footage library in 2008. In the meantime please feel free to inquire about possible existing footage.

Being located in San Francisco we can produce editorial pieces that might otherwise be very expensive for your production and crew. We have provided additional footage for many production companies. We can provide raw footage or produced pieces. is available to work with your marketing department for corporate and instructional videos and/or publishing them online.

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