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SF Bay Images produces field segments on-location, from remote locations and in studios. We have produced segments for documentaries, television, news and commercials. From as far away as Peru, to the Farallon Islands looking for white sharks, to San Francisco for historic events and in set designed studios.
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Golden Gate Endeavor Arrival to the Golden Gate Bridge:
Friday 13th November 2009, 16:25 GMT, 189 days, 10 hrs, 55 minutes

The producers of a documentary on the "Golden Gate Endeavor" called on SF Bay Images to capture the history making event. Chris Martin and Mick Dawson aboard "Bojangles" made a bid to row successfully row across the Pacific Ocean. They left Japan in May of 2009 and rowed under the Golden Gate Bridge on Friday the 13th, November 2009. For more on their trip visit The footage was used in a documentary on the Discovery channel about their experience. The SF Bay Images Youtube Video above was edited and posted with shots from the footage for promotional P.R. just after their arrival.
In addition to capturing the event with 3 camera operators, a boat and a helicopter, we collected interviews of the team members upon their revival. In the following days, after decompression we interviewed and Mick and Chris reflecting the trip staged in below the Golden Gate Bridge, on the Golden Gate Bridge and from above the Marin Headlands with the Golden Gate Bridge behind.
The video below, an emergency food drop 100 miles off the coast of California, was directed/produced and edited by SF Bay Images.

Video Posted on November 10, 2009 with the following description:
Chris Martin and Mick Dawson aboard the state of the art rowing vessel "Bojangles" are in their final stage of rowing to the San Francisco Bay from Japan. We caught up with them in a helicopter just over 100 nautical miles off the coast of Northern California to make a food drop. You can follow Chris and Mick on "Bojangles" on their Golden Gate Endeavour at They expect to arrive in the San Francisco Bay in the next week.

The Boat The vessel specifically designed and constructed for this challenge is Bojangles. At 23ft long and 6ft wide, Bojangles is the most technically advanced ocean rowing vessel ever constructed. Manufactured from a Carbon-Kevlar composite woven material (by Woodvale Challenge), it is incredibly strong and durable, whilst at the same time being the lightest material suitable for the construction of an ocean going vessel. The woven construction increases the impact resistance threefold, while the method used to cure the resin ensures that the strength of the boat is not limited by the strength of its joints. In addition, renowned yacht designer John Shuttleworth was employed at the design stage to highlight and implement specific structural requirements for this vessel and her particular voyage, all of which have been incorporated into the final build.

Jet ranger helicopter provided and piloted by Wayne Lackey of Wine Country Helicopters.
Voice Over: Sandra Cannon
Camera: Canon Mark 5D

Crew, Gear Specification, rentals, logistics, directing, camera operating, producing and editing.
Sandra Cannon - Director
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