point reyes, farallon islands, tours
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About The California Coast and Point Reyes

Point Reyes is the furthest point of land in this area and is famous for adventures as far back as the times of Sir Francis Drake. This tour goes to the Point Reyes LightHouse and Back. In the spring, the mother whales hug the coast with their babies to protect them from predators such as Orcas. In March we saw a mother Grey whale breech with her baby leaping out in arches in front of us on their way north. The Point Reyes tour passes two historical lighthouses and hugs the scenic Northern California Coast.

We provide Nature Tours along the California Coast. We hold the area with the upmost respect and run tours that take photographs and leave nothing behind. An expert naturalist will be on board to describe what we see along the way.

  • Whales Migrate North in the Spring and South in the Fall
  • The best months in the Spring for whale watching are February through May
  • The best months in the Fall for whale watching are August through November
  • Bird Watching is always superb.
  • View Bolinas, Duxberry Reef, Stinson Beach, Cronkite Beach, and The Marin Headlands from the Water
  • View the Point Bonita Light House bathed in early morning Light
  • We head towards the Point Reyes Lighthouse, but it depends on the sea and weather how close we will get.
  • View Point Reyes from the Sea
  • View the majestic sand hills of Limator Beach from the Sea Check our tour schedules for trips.

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point reyes, farallon islands, tours
point reyes, farallon islands, tours

Make Online Reservations We have the whale watching tours listed on this site under photography expeditions. You simply select the date, how many people, and make your reservation. We will call you to confirm the Wednesday before. No cancellations after the Wednesday before the trip.
Make Online Reservations

  • February through May -- Whale Watching with March being the High Month
  • June through July -- Bird watching-Eco-Nature Tours (seabirds, sea life, scenery, history, geology, lighthouses)
  • There are residential whales at the Farallons that MAY be spotted in the summer months.
  • August through November -- Whale Watching with October being the High Month
  • October through November -- Great White Shark Expeditions/ Farallon Islands

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