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Three Short Marine Mammal Nature Video Demos. Descriptions Below.

Three Short Marine Mammal Nature Video Demos. Descriptions Below.
All 3 of these videos were shot on the same day with different cameras. Location: Continental Shelf, Gulf of the Farallones, Pacific Ocean. We were shooting documentary footage for a production company.

Dances With Whales

About 27 miles of the coast of San Francisco. near the Farallon Islands, we found a few humpback whales who put on quite a show. The feeding is good for the Humpbacks in the nutrient rich fall waters for the Gulf of the Farallones. This footage was captured with a hand held image stabilized camera, which paled in comparison to the footage we captured that day with a mako-head Stabilizer for a documentary. Consider this the whale bloopers from that day.
Hand-Held HDV Camera - Photo Boat.
No Sound.

Breeching Whales
Makohead Stabilized - Photo Boat.
Sound: Music Video.
Dahl's Porpoise
Makohead Stabilized Camera - Photo Boat.
Sound: Music Video. (It's not about the music on this one.)

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