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Brown Pelican Morning After Bird Bath
This piece was taped a week or so after the Cosco Busan Oil Spill which had a huge effect on the marine ecosystem in the San Francisco Bay and surrounding Pacific Ocean. These Pelican were enjoying a morning bath just after sunrise. The oil spill workers clad in hazmut suits were cleaning Rodeo Beach in the background.
The only correlation between these Pelicans and those oil spill cleaners in the Hazmut suits in this video is that during the oil spill there seemed to be confusion on which bird was named what. So I set out to ID a few of the birds that will be in sub sequential videos.
Sound: Music Video with Informational Captions.

Aquarium of the Bay - Pier 39 San Francisco.
A walk through the underwater aquariums at the pier 39 Aquarium of the Bay stocked with indigenous fish and marine wildlife from the San Francisco Bay and surrounding waters. Aquarium of the Bay is a unique nature center dedicated to inspiring conservation of the San Francisco Bay and all marine environments.
The 50,000 square foot facility features 300 feet of crystal clear acrylic tunnels holding over 700,000 gallons of filtered Bay water. The Aquarium is home to over 20,000 aquatic animals, including sharks, bat rays and skates. It also encompasses three touch pools and numerous other displays.
Sound: Music Video

Redwood Creek Forest
Enjoy a redwood visit through through a cathedral of trees by way of following a creek flowing through forests. Natural creek sounds recorded on location with melodic electronic music with piano.
Location: Muir Woods and Cascade Canyon, Mill Valley California.
Sound: On Location Sound.

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San Francisco Bay Images