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Farallon Islands Trip SF BAY IMAGES 2003, Sandra Cannon
Whale Watching and Bird Watching Tours to the Farallon Islands and Point Reyes. For you advance planners, we go to the Farallon Islands every Sunday and you can sign up for trips in advance. Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays are added around certain holidays and events. Please call for private charters, group rates and tours.

Make your reservations online, click on the date. This is a photography site, so it is a little confusing, but there will be photos from the trips with the dates of the tours underneath them.

The Current possibility is to see SOUTHBOUND Grey Whales and Humpback Whales. We have just spotted both at the Farallons on August 10th.There have been some blue whales spotted this summer recently. These are rare.

  • Current Tours: Morning Farallon Island Expedition 7AM to 12 PM (latest 1PM) Feb-May and Aug-Dec
Note: If the trip does not have at least 10 people signed up we have to cancel. We spotted Grey Whales and Humpback Whales on August 10th. We also spotted a Bottlenose dolphin off Stinson beach on August 11th along with many local dolphin and porpoise. All trips go under the Golden Gate Bridge and pass the Point Bonita Light House returning with a spectacular view of the California Coast. If the weather comes up or the seas are too rough, we may go up the California Coast. The waters are flattest in the morning and at this time of year, so this is not likely. Make your reservations online, click on the date and make your reservation on our sister site, or call 415.331.3804.

Whale Watching Gift Certificates are available and are popular gifts. You can buy your gift certificate online. We can either email you a gift certificate to print out or send you a presentation gift certificate. The recipient does not need a copy to board, we keep records of gift certificate recipients.

The Farallon Islands are 27 miles off the coast of San Francisco in the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. This Sanctuary is a haven for whales, sharks, Portuguese Man of War JellyFish and sea lions. Recently we spotted a great white shark on a tour. NOTE: On days we have scheduled the Farallon Island Tours, if the weather is bad or conditions rough, we MAY decide to head North to Point Reyes instead. Whales have been already spotted heading North this year.

Point Reyes is the furthest point of land in this area and is famous for adventures as far back as the times of Sir Francis Drake. This tour goes to the Point Reyes LightHouse and Back. In the spring, the mother whales hug the coast with their babies to protect them from predators such as Orcas. Some Grey whales have already been spotted heading south. The Point Reyes tour passes two historical lighthouses and hugs the scenic Northern California Coast.

The Cost is $75.00 per person. This is not recommended for small children under 8 and children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult. NEW!! You can make online reservations with your credit card at:
You simply select the date, how many people, and make your reservation. We will call you to confirm the Wednesday before. No cancellations after the Wednesday before the trip.
To make reservations click here.

This is a wildlife and nature tour, bring layers WARM of clothes with something waterproof, a lunch snack, beverages and bring your camera.

A naturalist is on board to describe whale we see. They will narrate on whales and the area, will narrate and tell pieces of history, point out marine life and explain what you see. Her talk is worth the trip.

Departing from Sausalito at 7:00 AM sharp and returning around 12:30 and always by 1:00 pm. The trip departs from Schoonmaker Harbor and directions can be found on our contact us page.

The tours are aboard the vessel "Taku", a coast guard certified 50 foot boat, and will be piloted by a captain experienced in nature tours. The boat holds 49 passengers and we usually only have 30 so it is very comfortable.

It is whale watching season and chances are pretty good that we will see grey whales on our way out to the islands. It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to get out to the islands. We are not allowed to disembark and walk on the islands, but will circumnavigate and see what there is to see. Depending on the weather depends on how long we will spend out there.

If you are interested please call our offices to reserve a space. We confirm the trip the Wednesday before. No Cancellations after the Wednesday before. We will be leaving on timely basis so please be prompt. We leave early so as to enjoy the smoothest trip. No cancellations for weather. Unless it is storming, we always go.
For whale watching reservations call: 415.331.3804 and ask for Sandra Cannon

Besides whale watching we also offer:

  • Private Lighthouse tours
  • Private Bird watching tours
  • Private Photography Expeditions
  • Coastal tours
  • Private Charters
  • Corporate Offsites
  • Historic Sailing adventures aboard the Sailing Ship Gaslight

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Make Online Reservations We have the tours listed on this site under photography expeditions. You simply select the date, how many people, and make your reservation. We will email you to confirm the Wednesday before. No cancellations after the Wednesday before the trip.
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