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Stock PhotographyMarine Film & Photography Marine Photography, HD and Film Production Services provides marine photography, hd and film production services on the San Francisco Bay and Beyond. We have arranged, coordinated, filmed, produced, edited and directed an array of projects ranging from editorial to major motion picture segments. Below are some pictures of a documentary being filmed with an image stabilizer and crew in the tricky waters of the Gulf of the Farallones. Below you will see pictured an industrial strength Mako-Head marine film stabilizer. There are three examples of footage captured at the continental Shelf of Humpback Whales. Granted, three different camera operators, but the examples illustrate the results of a makohead stabilizer, a hand-held stabilizer and hand-held camera work on a boat.

  • Camera: Sony F900 HD.
  • Client: Preeminent Nature Documentary Producer.
  • Crew: Excluding Client, Guests and "Talent"
  • Director of Photography/Camera Operator
  • 1st Camera Assistant
  • 2nd Camera Assistant
  • Sound
  • Production Coordinator
  • B Camera Operator - (with Hand Held Gyros)
  • Director/Producer
  • (3)Production Assistants

  • Boat Captain
  • Deck hand
  • Still Photographer
  • Marine Biologist
  • Craft Services
Crew, Equipment, Boat and all arrangements therein provided by To assist the client, the expenses were offset by inviting SF Bay area professional photographers to pay for passage with us. This took some extra effort but we personally wanted to support this PBS client who has provides high quality educational documentaries. We would like to thank all of the photographers who participated. Unless you have been providing educational, family oriented, high quality global nature content for decades, please don't ask us for donations.

San Francisco Bay Images
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