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Submission is only by invitation or arrangement. We are not accepting unsolicited submissions at this time. Unsolicited submissions will be returned, destroyed and not reviewed. Below describes photography images submission guidlines. We are also interested in HD footage.

Submission guidelines:
  • Image must have been taken with a minimum 8 MP camera and preferably over 10 MP.
  • File size minimum must be 48 inches by 32 inches. This MUST be original file size. I can be reduced from a larger file but simply submit the larger file we would love to have it. The file must not have been enlarged. We are in the market of selling fine art large format prints. If you submit an image that is actually smaller then this it simply wont blow up. If it gets sold, and we try and to blow it, and we can't, well, we have wasted our time, you have wasted your time and your work will be entirely deleted from our database. Please do not use extrapolation software to blow up image files that are meant to be original files. The absolute minimum we will accept is 42 inches by 28 inches.
  • Please try to keep your editing to a minimum. Overly edited files commonly have digital artifacts, degradation of image, pixilation and other unpleasant side effects that appear in large format prints. We suggest using software that does not bastardize your files every time it opens and closes the files. We recommend adobe products.
  • IPTC meta data must be embedded. Below is a guideline for IPTC data
  • Images should have at least 10 keyword and at least 20 is suggested. Keywording should be done by hand to insure best results of selling your images.
  • Identifying your work. All of your files should have your initials as the suffix. IE: filename_rlc.jpg .
  • Filenames must be in all lower case. IE: city_streets_filenumber_rlc.jpg .
  • UNDERSCORES... For you Mac users, all filenames must have underscores in order to work in our database. IE: "altamere_waterfall_spring_filename_rlc.jpg". Files with spaces and not underscores will be returned.
  • Arrangements for file submission can be made using FTP, but DVD or CDs of the originals must be supplied for record. The preferable way to submit a body of work is on an external hard drive.
  • Your submitted work is not accepted based on submission, but by acceptance by SFBayImages.
  • If your work has identifiable humans then a Model Release form must be provided. Stock photographs with trademark items such as Nike shoes are not acceptable. If your work includes conspicuously private property then a release must be provided. Photographs of personal property such as houses, boats, or pets are private property. Release forms for any photo with with people, private places or things must have the release form submitted at that time. Release forms must be in digital format scanned with signatures. You may mail copies as an alternative with your W-9 form.
  • In order to get paid, or for us to sell your work, you must have submitted a w-9 form and a signed memo and/or signed contract. By selling work with, you are an independent contractor. Selling work with does not imply ownership, employment or benefits typically associated with fulltime employment.
  • We do not provide image editing services.
Royalties are 40/60 industry standard. You will receive 40% of the net profits. For exclusive representation and a 3 year minimum contract we pay 50/50 of net sales and you will receive 50% of net profits. We do the books on the 15th of each month. Sales are calculated for the previous month not including the 15 days into the current month, and payments are issued. You must have a signed contract and w-9 form on record to receive payments.
Below is a sample guideline to IPTC data. Your data might also include GPS information. It is not advised to put your personal home address or contact information in IPTC data.

IPTC Field Description Example Max Length (# characters)*
Caption Long form description of Subject and related subject data in a Natural Language caption Sunrises over San Francisco with mysterious fog....etc 2000
Keywords List of subject data by discrete words / phases San Francisco, Landmarks, Fog, Sarah Jones (YOUR NAME), 400
Credit photographers name, agency name, etc Sara Jones/ 32
Copyright photographers name, agency, rights Copyright Sarah Jones and or, all rights reserved 128

Object Name**

similar to filename; may include unique identifier IMG_7887_Palace_of_Fine_Art.jpg 64
Created Date date image created 03/16/2003 16
City location of image San Francisco 32
Province State location of image California 32
Country location of image United States 64
Special Instructions list any restrictions, embargo, rights info MAGS OUT, INTERNET OUT, NO THIRD PARTY SALES 256
Byline Precise text of Byline Copyright Sarah Jones/SFBayImages 64
Category *** Category Code

(see ANPA Wire Categories below)

I = International 3
Headline Subject data, in short form Sunrise of San Francisco Bay, Palace of Fine Art 03/16/2003 256
Source Source of image 32

Sandra Cannon (Owner/Photographer)

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Sandra Cannon (Owner/Photographer)
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