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California poppies wildflower photography collection
the California poppies + wild flower photography collection
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sf bay images - California poppy photography -- beautiful works of art by California nature
California poppies + wildflowers collection photography of California's state flower the California poppy. We have many images for both fine art prints, both private and corporate collections and images for commercial stock licensing. poppies were published in the recent "California 24/7" book.

The California poppy image featured above was used in the recent California 24/7 book "Amazing Photographs of an extraordinary State". From Rick Smolan and David Elliot Cohen, authors of the bestsellers "America 24/7" and "A Day in the Life of America". is proud to have six images in the book. is

To visit the poppy in person here is the magic destination:

California State Park -Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve
Wildflower viewing - Recorded Message
Operating Hours:
Sunrise to Sunset. Day Use Only
Visitor center is Open through April 25 only.
Weekends: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Weekdays: 10:00am to 4:00pm
Wildflower blooms usually occur from March through May. The peak viewing period is Mid-April.

Of course, not every years is booming poppy year. Wildflowers extravaganzas parallel big rain years and droughts.

For more information on California wildflowers and poppies review:
Carol Leigh's California WILDFLOWER HOTSHEET

This wildflower status report is compiled and maintained by writer/photographer Carol Leigh. Your feedback is welcomed and encouraged. Please e-mail me your observations, additions, comments, etc. (being as specific as possible about location) and I'll include them here.
If you're looking for detailed information on specific wildflower locations in California (including maps, photos, and blooming times), then you need my CD-ROM "Carol Leigh's California Wildflower Locations." The CD contains more than 249 pages, 234 color photographs, and 90 maps. It also includes an 18-page section on how to photograph flowers. All in PDF format, readable using Adobe Acrobat Reader. PC- and Mac-compatible. For order information and table of contents: Available on CD-ROM for $19.95.

To review Carol Leigh's California WILDFLOWER HOTSHEET website and store click here or go to

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sf bay images -- poppies, flowers + wildflower photography

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sf bay images -- flower and wildflower photography

a searchable stock photography database. photographs of events, landmarks, lifestyles, landscapes, flowers, wildflowers, trees, napa valley, the California coast, fields, and gardens, farms and vineyards from the san francisco bay and northern California area. photos are available as fine quality art photographs for gifts, conference rooms and home decor. Shipping framed photos with glass is custom and you should call or email to inquire. We do and have framed photos for architects, interior designers, home decor, and gifts. We sell many of our photograph prints which people frame themselves.

The starting cost of a non-exclusive licensing fee is $139.00 for a one time use of our photos and can range to exclusive buy outs. Brochures with smaller print runs may be less and photos for branding sequences may be more. However, we can work with you to meet your needs. Our turn around is very fast and efficient.
Our photos have been published utilized by creative professionals in magazines, newspapers, advertising, brochures, print, websites, catalogs, films, on covers and framed as art.

Our flower photography is mostly center ed on California flowers, mustard, the state flower the poppy, wildflowers, orchids, citrus flowers, "pink naked ladies", wild iris, and indigenous northern California flowers. We have also included cultured flowers that are presented for sale in open markets, farmers markets, road side stands, boutique flower markets and other ways that somehow represent the people, the area, and the lifestyle.

If you have custom commercial or assignment needs please call us to discuss them. We are available for assignment photography, to do photo research, or graphic design with a licensed image. Thank you for visiting.

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