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Sandra Cannon, creative.
Sandra Cannon

The "slide" montage photo shows are available in HDTV, HD, Mp4, and Ipod Digital Downloads.. We call this atmospheric art to create ambiance in lobbies, restaurants, retail spaces, hotels, and private places. You can call it a "GREEN DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK". These are for sale at Be sure to check out the Aerial Cineflex HD Cinematography Fly Over of San Francisco.

Aquarius - Rodeo Beach Marin County

Atmospheric HD Art. Change the mood of any environment with hot ambiance. Leave it on and warm up.

Bring the hypnotic healing effects of the sea to your screen. Soothing gentle waves crashing onto sand, rocks and beach. This is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Aerial ocean views intercut with shore level waves breaking, and wide overview beach shots set to clear, crisp classic piano music with the sound of the sea subtle under it all. The abstract aerial coast views creatively turns the ocean into art. "Aquarius" is refreshing like a cool mist. The sea has long been a destination for rejeuvination. The sea air and sounds seem to clear the soul. The astrological symbol for Aquarius is said to represent waves or ripples of water. Water plays an important role in many legends and myths. There are mythological water beings and gods, stories of heroes that have something to do with water, and even stories of isles and continents lost below the surface. Some say staring at the Sea is wanton and addicting. Ask any sailor. Some find the sounds waves elixr to fall asleep at night. "Aquarius" is meant to be part art, part meditation, part cooling and part relaxing. It's not meant to be watched like a film, but if you do, it will take you away. 60 Minutes. 16:9 Aspect Ration. Filmed in HD at Rodeo Beach, Marin, California.

The Art of Atmosphere. Create the background.

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