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We provide aerial video production services, offering anything you need from cameras to crew to edited DVDS. We can deliver professionally produced DVDs. Please see These are available for licensing as stock. It was filmed, produced, directed and edited by and available in digital raw footage. We can capture fresh aerial footage for you and deliver digital media assets. SEE SF AERIAL VIDEO SAMPLES.

Two hour minimum for photography services, packages available including:

  • Helicopter Camera Mounts
  • Video or Hi Def Cameras (Call to explore, if your production does not have a camera, we can help you get the right camera for your needs.
  • Aerial Camera Operator - See our online footage samples.
  • Digitized footage has been providing reliable high quality aerial photography services since 2002. aerial photography has appeared in many places from Time Magazine to film titles.

There is a two hour flight time minimum for every project. We deliver a DVD with all of the images photographed of your project with an edited selection of the best. This edited selection depends on your project and your desired end product. We always deliver the DVD with all the images for you and your company to use in perpetuity. We retain non-exclusive rights as is customary. We are not in the business of reselling you your own photography for prints, but are in the aerial photography services business. We will assist your or deliver prints if this is something you need. An example of that might be hospitality where we are hired to shoot landmarks and create a collection for a resort.

A variety of aerial landmark images are on the right-hand side of this page.

Here are some of the kinds of projects we are typically asked to photograph:

  • real estate
  • schools, resorts, restaurants, museums, institutions
  • construction sites
  • aerial surveillance for drainage, assessment, planning events and other services
  • creating marketing mock-ups + pre-selling marketing collateral
  • architectural photography (usually for contest submissions or editorial)
  • editorial layouts
  • wineries, napa valley resorts and branding collateral.
  • commercial marine photography services
  • private marine photography services
  • event planning
From magazine covers, to real estate marketing collateral, to aerial architecture show case photography. Sandra Cannon has provided photography for magazine covers, layouts, advertisements, aerial event pre-planning photographs, aerial yacht racing, aerial events, aerial real estate advertising, architectural rendering and computer aided design property presale marketing collateral. She was formally trained as an architect, studied film making in Los Angeles and has a strong professional online and digital marketing background

415.331.3804 for aerial photography services.

Two hour minimum for photography services.

Aerial Photography San Francisco Bay Digital Images

Aerial Photography San Francisco Bay Digital Images
  stock photography, photographs of the San Francisco Bay Area Helicotper Rentals
Sandra Cannon shooting photos from a helicopter.

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