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Aerial maritime, fast boats, mega-yachts and sailing photography and video. Many of these images have been used in magazine covers, editorial stories, in film, prime time advertising and as part of corporate marketing collateral.
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Gitana 13" Makes Sailing History A French crew of ten made sailing history traveling 14,500 miles from New York to San Francisco on February 28th, 2008. The boat was captained by Lionel Lemonchois and went by way of Cape Horn. The weather was rough at Cape Horn and the vessel had to take shelter for 5 days. "Gitana 13" is a 110 foot Catamaran whose speed can reach up to 43 knots. They hit light winds on the last leg entering the mouth of the San Francisco Bay. Even in light winds they passed under the Golden Gate Bridge at 10 to 14 knots. The finish line is between Alcatraz Lighthouse and Coit Tower. The oldest record of this route was the famous passage of the "Flying Cloud" in 1854 with the time of 89 days and 8 hours. The passage was dubbed "Route D'Or" for the California Gold Rush. In 1998 "Aquitainne Innovations", another French vessel, broke that record making the time of 57 days and 3 hours.

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San Francisco Bay Digital Images Photography - A popular collection of San Francisco Bay Area Images including aerial, marine, iconic landmarks, Marin County, Point Reyes, events, action, ethereal and nature. photography has been used by creatives, agencies, corporate marketing departments and collectors, both private and for corporate installations.
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San Francisco thematic photography for purchase online including lifestyles, iconic landmarks, the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin, San Francisco Bay and more. From traditional photography prints to metallic prints to giclee printed canvas to prints on metal.

A small collection of San Francisco Bay Digital Images photography available for instant digital download with a very simple royalty free licensing agreement. These images are popular for travel websites, travel books, corporate websites and other uses.
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A small collection of Aerial San Francisco Bay Digital Images HD Video. Stock San Francisco Aerial HD Video

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