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Finally, a new montage! A mixed Collection of more recent San Francisco Photography.
San Francisco Bay Images is a photography business offering two main products; Assignment Photography and Existing Photography. We have a few photographers who can work on assignment from everything from weddings to aerial incoming ships, tankers, vessels with the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Skyline as a backdrop. Since inception in May 2002 our images have been used by creatives in advertisements, on billboards, on products, tradeshow displays and banners, been given as gifts, hang in private collections in homes, corporations, hotels and restaurants, have been in magazines such as Time, National Geographic, Sunset Magazine, in books and won awards. Thank you.
This website is changing, we hope to bring to you an easier to use, navigate and purchase existing photography and review portfolios for assignments. 415.331.3804 SEARCH existing searchable photo database features original digital stock photography images of San Francisco Bay Area landmarks, beauty and lifestyle, including San Francisco skylines, aerial landmarks, the Golden Gate Bridge, napa valley, black + white photographs, the coast, waves crashing, trees, landscapes, boats of all types, water sports, yacht racing, triathlons and more. Our images are available for immediate licensing through our searchable image database .

While these images can be available for immediate purchase, space on the server does not permit us to store all the images in every rendition for instant downloads. If your images is emailable, we will email it immediately. If your selected image is large in size we will FTP upload the image within 24 hours of your purchase for you to download/or access. It will stay there for 30 days for your production team to access.

Lastly, of course, if time permits, we can send a CD overnight. These images are available for licensing at 300 DPI for print, but most art departments and production departments would rather receive the original image and set it for their production needs themselves. Most of the raw images come from a Canon Rebel or Canon EOS 20D camera and are 6.5 or 8.5 megapixels. We do have collections of 11 megapixel images from a Canon EOS 1D. But we like the colors from the Canon EOS 20D better. Our images have been used for billboards, large 36x48 backdrops in Bijan, a store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly hills, and large format framed fine art and framed corporate art collections. Currently, the bulk of our library will blow up to 28x42 beautifully. We have created even larger pieces for conference rooms and private homes.
We keep our early images anyway, despite their size limitations, because they are very popular. Art and preference are what photography is about, and a captured image sometimes does not want to be recreated, art being intangible. Hence we keep some of the early digital images around which have limitations on how large they can be blown up.
Generally, our images start at 200.00 to license for most non-exclusive print needs. This works for private invitations, corporate brochures, internal corporate marketing collateral and small run items. The next most common licensing bracket is for advertising and branding and non-exclusive rights for these kinds of things run around $1500.00 to $2000.00. Our images are available for purchase of exclusive rights, which is generally speaking between 8,000.00 and 10,0000.00. Please contact us to explore your needs. For reproduction we can email you your images, upload images for immediate download, or send you a CD ROM overnight. Our images are high resolution and printable in most cases up to at least 28x42 inches.

TO EMAIL ME, Sandra Cannon PLEASE USE: cannon.sandra AT sfbayphotographs DOT com
Please excuse the inconvenience of typing my email into your email client, but spam issue has gotten out of hand, and I would like to hear from you and respond quickly to your request. I will get this email straight away!

Fine Art Prints
are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Glossy or Matte or Epson Archival papers with Epson Archival Inks.

All our Giclee prints are Epson series printers using the Epson 2200 and the Epson 7600 on photo enhanced paper, semi-gloss or glossy or better using archival inks. This type of printing is called Giclee printing. Giclee (jhee-clay) - Derived from the french verb giclee meaning to squirt. The term giclee print typically connotes a certain elevation in printmaking technology. Images are high resolution digital scans printed with archival quality inks onto high quality archival papers. The giclee process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction. Prints are delivered depending on the shipping method you select. Epson Archival Giclee prints are delivered for all black + white images and all color images from 4x6 to 11x 14 and color, unless you request differently.

For 16x20, 20x30, 28x42 or bigger and custom prints there are two choices: Fine art Fuji Crystal Archive Glossy or Matte, or Epson Archival Giclee Prints.

For our fine art Fuji Crystal Archive Glossy or Matte, we use Pictopia which delivers a fine art, high end photographic print. These prints will be shipped directly to you or your framer. photography has been published in magazines, newspapers, used in film title sequences, for private invitations, ads, corporate brochures, web sites, store window backdrops, billboards branding, CD Rohms, posters, calendars, newspaper covers, and framed prints as gifts. Fine art prints for corporate, commercial, residential, and private collections and interior design. SEARCH searchable database of photography images. Our site features many of the races and events on the bay, harvest in napa, urban black + whites, aerial photography and is constantly being updated with current events and new photography images. We will also be adding more photographers. We are very open to suggestions here at sf bay images and would like to hear your wish list of image concepts.

By popular request, for web designers, power point, and digital uses, we have small jpegs and created web site banners which are 800 x 150 pixels and perfect for web site headers. These web site banners are available for immediate download upon approval of your credit card.

Credits Include: Nytimes, Via Magazine, National Geographic Kids, Seahorse Magazine, Living Aboard, Sailing, Bay Crossings, Sunset, the book "24/7 California" and many other publications. We are Available for assignment photography for events, aerial photography or product photography.
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This site is a data base of photography images for fine art private and corporate collections, commercial licensing for stock photography, advertising and other commercial and private uses. Some of these images are available as posters, prints, greeting cards and ready to ship framed photography. We use Cafepress to print + ship posters + framed prints. Please visit:

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for san francisco area framed photography: This is a ready to ship collection with only one choice of frames using PLEXIGLASS which make them easy to ship. For custom framing contact us.

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